We are our stories


Our work at the San Antonio Story Collaborative is to gather, honor and publicly share the stories of our community as we build compassion, create community, reduce isolation, and empower individuals and families. Storytelling has the power to transform both story sharers and listeners. We hope to re-shape the narrative of what San Antonio IS and what it can BECOME.



The  first  Fairy  Tale  Variation  of  2023!

The PIED PIPER of Hamelin Join Stories with Spirit as we play a tune of power. Let our stories bring you perspectives into the PIED PIPER you never imagined. Whether an insane maniac, a force of vengeance, or wildly incomprehensible The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a story that will dig its hooks into you and not let go.


Cooper Braun and Rachel Ann Harding are overjoyed to be welcoming good friends back to our virtual stage. Katie Knutson last told the darkest version of Sleeping Beauty, and brings her delicate control of shadows to bear on the mad piper. Milbre Burch joined us for both Snow White and Cinderella, and returns to dance another tune. And we are overwhelmed with joy to be welcoming the one and only Kim Weitkamp to our virtual stage for the first time!
This is an Adults Only show. Some of these stories may be very dark retellings, and we recommend this show to only those over 18 years of age.

And if you are unable to join us, all ticket holders with receive a link to the RECORDING